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Topic: MIDI Bank Select

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    MIDI Bank Select

    I am able to use MIDI Program Change to select various presets as long as they are in INSTRUMENT BANK 0 ....... however, I have created a number of INSTRUMENT BANKS(Bank 1, Bank 2, bank 3, etc..), yet I can\'t access them from an external sequencer using the standard MIDI Bank Select/Program Change command ...... is GigaStudio capable of addressing various banks? .....and if so, what am I doing wrong....?


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    Re: MIDI Bank Select

    I would first try changing banks in gigastudio, while recording the midi output to the sequencer. That way you will know the midi command, and them reverse the process with your new bank # (this does not work with FX presets, but it just might with the bank thing)
    Good luck

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    Re: MIDI Bank Select


    i followed your suggestion regarding capturing the MIDI out from GigaStudio ..... however, i am unable to get any MIDI out from GigaStudio ..... regardless of what i do in the program, even playing the on-screen keyboard ... there is no associated MIDI out put.....


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    Re: MIDI Bank Select

    Hi !

    Which sequencer and what audiocard do you use?

    Hugbald (Berlin)

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    Re: MIDI Bank Select

    I have never been able to access other banks. I would love to know how to. If someone figures it, please post.


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    Re: MIDI Bank Select

    thanks for your reply to my question ......

    regarding my external sequencer, I use a few different ones..... however, I was testing the GigaStudio Bank Select option using Digital Performer. I\'ve tried a variety of combinations using Bank Select Controller 32 and Bank Select Controller 0 ... nothing happens. I had a similar problem when GigaSampler came out in 1999. I had one of the early copies of the program and the Manual specifically states that Bank Select is an option. However, the MIDI implementation chart in that same manual doesn\'t mention Bank Select. When I talked to the developers, they said that Bank Select would be implemented in the next release. At that time I had taken enough of GigaSampler that I simply threw the program on the disgarded software heap.

    Two weeks ago I got the full blown SoundChaser GigaStudio 160 with all the bells and whistles. My first experiment was to test Bank Select .... it didn\'t work! Now, there must be many of you out there like me who have organized their presets into Banks over the years. I\'m involved in a lot of Broadway tours and live shows, so I have about 15 Banks worth of instruments that need to be accessible at any moment .... currently I use a stack of four Emu E-4s to accomplish the task ..........however, I really want GigaStduio to work.... but I just can\'t understand the ambiguity in the operational logic of the system .... I would appreciate any help.... thanks

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    Re: MIDI Bank Select

    Bank select never worked under GigaSampler. I know it used to work under GigaStudio, but I can’t get it to work now under v2.5 for XP.

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    Re: MIDI Bank Select


    that\'s encouraging ... as I stated earlier, I gave up on GigaSampler after v1.5...... not having Bank Select would have forced me to adopt a completely different addressing scheme which would have resulted in a major forking from the rest of the MIDI community..... however, you stated that you did get Bank Select working in an earlier version of GigaStudio ....... was it straight forward, in other words was it the standard controller 32? .... if it doesn\'t work in v2.5, what do you think happened .... is it simply a bug, or is it an architectural and structural change to the program?

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    Re: MIDI Bank Select

    Bank Select works fine in both GigaStudio 2.2 in Windows 98 and GS 2.5 under Windows XP on my system. I use Cakewalk/Sonar so the settings are for this sequencer. Your bank select should be set as Normal. Bank 0 (the standard bank most gigs use) is normally not changed. Bank 1 which many libraries such as Dan Dean uses is set as 1-0...127. Do not use Controller 0, Controller 32 or others such as this. Just set bank select method as Normal or what the default should be in most sequencers.

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    Re: MIDI Bank Select


    so are you saying that if you have an Instrument Bank 0 and an Instrument Bank 1, you can access the Instrument Bank 1 (and all of the instruments contained in that bank) with no problem using the standard MIDI Bank Select/Program Change commands? I assume that your sequencer is using the Controller 32 (Bank Select) followed by the Program change .......is there anything else in GigaStudio that needs to be enabled in order for it to recognize Bank Select, because I\'m sure I\'m sending it proper Bank Select commands ... thanks for your help

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