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Topic: Unloading loaded instruments

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    Unloading loaded instruments

    Hi. I\'m new to Gigastudio - just purchased the 160 2.5 last week. Have a question that I can\'t find an answer to in the help manual. How do you unload instruments from a performance?. I can detach them from MIDI channels but they still load up each time I open a performance.

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    Re: Unloading loaded instruments

    Walra, Select the \"Loaded Instruments\" tab (near the middle of the screen. Right click in the window and you will see options to unload unused samples, the selected sample, or all samples. - Doug

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    Re: Unloading loaded instruments

    Thanks Doug. Done.

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    Re: Unloading loaded instruments

    What I love in 2.2 is the new \'Unload unmapped samples\'.

    It\'s perfect - you only dump what you aren\'t using

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