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Topic: Gigapiano can't be tuned!!!

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    Gigapiano can\'t be tuned!!!

    Strange, very strange.. when I edit Gpiano--ALONE--using Gstudio edit only, without running the rest of the program, I can tune it.

    But when I load Gpiano to play it in Gstudio, and THEN edit it from Gstudio, the tuning option doesn\'t work. Also, the velocity layers don\'t display properly.

    Doesn\'t happen with the other pianos, only with Gigapiano.

    Any theories??????

    John Grant

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    Re: Gigapiano can\'t be tuned!!!

    Hi John

    It does indeed seem strange. I do not have a solution, but I use Gigapiano, and love the sound!! I think that it fits in mix, but I would like to know what you think. Also, there are the Trachtman website where you can download art files for Gigapiano.

    But to me these art files do not fix problems, such as tuning etc.

    With all honesty, if we could tame down the ring on the higher notes, and tune them a little, then I think we truly have a great Instrument. ( I just do not know how to do this and am waiting for someone to see if they can solve the issue)

    Let me know if you have any fixes for this Piano as I am very interested. I actually wished that Tascam would upgrade (do a new Piano or fix the older Gigapiano) for registered users, or make a new custom Gigapiano library, to be included with the new Gigastudio version, or sell it seperate.

    I have many other piano libraries and they all fulfill different styles, but Gigapiano is still a great Piano


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