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Topic: another Giga/Logic cry for help

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    another Giga/Logic cry for help

    Ok...I\'ve looked through every one of the posts on getting logic and GS160 to coexist on the same machine...and i still can\'t seem to get setup correctly for what i need.

    First off here is my system:
    GS160 2.2
    Logic PFW 4.8
    PIII 933Mhz
    2 HD - 1 dedicated audio
    Audiophile 2496 - with latest drivers from 13/13/01...i.e. GSIF EASI...and support for multiclient.

    Everything works just peachy for sequencing.
    The problem I\'m running into is when I want to record an audio file of said sequence in Logic.

    In other words Logic is set up with the Nemesys Ports and Midi Channels all working fine. I can hear the instruments from Giga, playing the sequence from Logic, however, I can\'t get that sequence recorded into Logic as Audio...using the Giga Samples.

    Excuse me if I\'m being redundant, but the tech guys I have spoken to have said...umm...huh...and what...quite a few times, everytime I explain this.

    I\'m 90% sure this is a routing problem, either in the Delta Control Panel, Giga, Logic...or all 3.

    Anyone who can explain exactly what the routing and driver settings for all 3 would be great.
    (I keep seeing references to the ASIO 2 driver...should I being using that instead of the Midiman\'s EASI driver in Logic??)

    Thank you in advance for your brain racking and help on this.

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    Re: another Giga/Logic cry for help


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