From NI\'s Kontakt forum
Hi all,

we are currently working on improving the Giga import and would like to get some help from you. We have searched the forums for import problems with Giga, but would like to get some more detailed information and/or files from you.

Please let us know the following things when importing Giga files:

- Name of the library
- Name of the .gig file
- Name of the imported patch
- Exact description of problem (what does not work, what sounds wrong, what is different to giga)
- If you have giga files to send us, please upload them somewhere or attach them here. But please DO NOT upload any files from commercial sample libraries.

Many thanks in advance,
<font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You can post your import problems here >>>> threadid=8584

or if that is a problem I guess you could post
in this thread and I will post the link there,