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Topic: FAT 32

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    FAT 32

    Does it improve Gstudio performance?

    John Grant

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    Re: FAT 32

    Over what?

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    Re: FAT 32

    I\'m assuming that you are comparing FAT-32 to NTFS on Windows 2000 or Windows XP...

    Based on that assumption, here\'s the deal:

    NTFS is less likely to have performance degradation due to fragmentation. However, FAT-32 in raw terms is a little faster (when unfragmented).

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    Re: FAT 32

    But there is a 2 GB limit on FAT32 files.


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    Re: FAT 32

    4GB limit on files with FAT32, not 2GB.

    I learned that when capturing video, 18 minutes of raw video is 4 GB.

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    Re: FAT 32

    Well I\'ve converted to fat 32 and there haven\'t been any problems so far. It\'s faster too.


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    Re: FAT 32


    Am I missing something here, because I used Partition magic, and too me it looks like it FAT 32 my whole harddrive, I swear!!

    So now I hear that it only FAT 32 up to 4 GB?

    What about the rest of my drive then. I go back into partition magic and is shows the whole drive in FAt 32

    Please shed some light

    Its dark in here!


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    Re: FAT 32

    They\'re talking about the size of individual files, not the size of disk partitions.

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