Ive been running GS successfully for quite a while and then......
about 2 weeks ago, I noticed the icon for GS had changed to a little rocket ship.
Now, I would have thought that myteriously charming except at about the same time
1. I began to experience strange crashes
2. When I would trigger a note, no matter what sample, I began intermittantly
getting the faint sound of the sample but mostly course, low, gravelly distortion.
3. And now, its not intermittant but constant.
4. The little rocket ship icon is constant now. No matter what, I cannot get the
default icon to appear even though it shows up in the properties menu. So......

I have done complete uninstalls and reinstalls twice ( according to Tascam directions). I
have considered that perhaps the icon issue is merely coincidental and not related to the
real problem of not being able to use the program at all right now.
I wondered if maybe my Delta 1010 had taken a dump, etc, etc. But it works flawlessly
on VST Instruments, etc.

So it is really starting to seem that GigaStudio has a problem, Or rather I do. And I, for
the life of me, dont know how to fix it. Please help.

A fully optimised AMD Atlon 1.4, 1Gig Ram etc., etc..Win 98SE
PS. Have run Norton Utilities to check for system malfunctions and all that.
Everything clean as a whistle
Thanks in Advance