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Topic: layla24 gigastudio v2.5 winXP Blue Screen FIX

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    layla24 gigastudio v2.5 winXP Blue Screen FIX

    I recently removed my layla cards and used my motu 896 interface with the following combination. GST v2.5, winXP, Motu 896. I found the system is stable and no crashes. Which gave reason to believe that the echo drivers for their cards are causing the problems with the blue screens and crashes before.

    I then decided to see if going back to early drivers for the echo cards would do anything. After downloading the 0.66 beta drivers from www.echoaudio.com, and reinstalling the layla24 pci card. The system now seems very stable at least for the hour I was using it.

    I would suggest trying this and posting if it worked for your system or not.

    good luck

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    Re: layla24 gigastudio v2.5 winXP Blue Screen FIX

    I use 5.02 on a Win98SE machine. Never any problems.

    Stable as hell. Sounds good too...

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    Re: layla24 gigastudio v2.5 winXP Blue Screen FIX

    layla24 Motu896 comparison

    Well as far as pops and clicks neither one of the interfaces has ever given me any problems. I think that has to do with plenty of ram and I have dedicated drives for each application I use. Latency, well It\'s pretty damn quick with both cards. In Sonar while mixing I think the Motu is faster. Haven\'t benched marked them. Plenty quick for me.

    The 896 is real nice because it is firewire and I can use it with my laptop and a external firewire hardrive making it a completely portable system. Plus it has 8 mic pre amps. So no need to buy them if you use condensor mics.

    As far as the digital Adat and the AEU/BEU(I think thats it) They work, haven\'t had problems, quite as can be. Haven\'t used The AEU/BEU, because I haven\'t got any equipment that uses it. The nice thing about the motu is,you can use both the digital ins and outs at the same time. The layla24, you have to choose between the Adat or SPIF.

    The 896 has the nice meters on the front and nice trim knobs, so you don\'t have to use a software based console, like the Layla24 to adjust input levels. But with the 896 you can only monitor one stereo pair at a time. With The Console program with the layla24 you can moitor as many of the inputs you want on one Stereo pair. Nice if you have more than one musician in the studio and you want to give them their on mix in headphones.

    The console program with the layla24 card is very nice.

    I like both of these interfaces, both are easy to setup, (896 a little easy with firewire). As long as you balanced cables for the ins and outs on both cards the analog ins and outs are pretty quite. The hiss I do get comes mostly from the equipment going in.

    To choose which one is better, well that depends on what you want to do. The MOTU 896 is better for my needs to have a portable recording system to record live. But the Layla24 is nice because all the analog inputs are 1/4\" which fits all my studio equipment, plusI can monitor all inputs coming in with one stereo channel out.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: layla24 gigastudio v2.5 winXP Blue Screen FIX

    Since you are using both the MOTU 896 and the Layla 24 can you give us a comparison between the two? Which has the lowest latentcy? Lowest clicks and pops? Which sounds best? Easiest to use? What kind of polyphony are you getting with each? Are you using an add-on PCI buss firewire card to run the MOTU? I know with the Layla when you are in multiclient you are stuck with both programs running at the same bit & sample rate, is the same limitation there with the MOTU? Have you used the ADAT interfaces with both and how do they compare? Yes I know there are a lot of questions but its rare to find a giga user with the experience of running two of the top contenders in 8-in 8-out sound cards. Real experience is very valuable to the rest of us in this forum. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: layla24 gigastudio v2.5 winXP Blue Screen FIX

    Thanks for the real world comparison but you left a couple of questions unanswered. Are you using a PCI buss firewire card on your desktop PC to run the MOTU 896 (sounds like you may be running the 896 from a laptop only)? Does the 896 have the same multiclient limitation as the Layla with fixing the bit & sample rate of the two programs running to the same rates? And what is your polyphony with the Layla & MOTU 896, any differences there? It sounds like the MOTU 896 is the winner if you use an outboard mixer which I do, but the MOTU 896 costs more . . . what did you end up paying for each if that is not too personal a question? Thanks again for your info, these forums work when users share not only the problems but the configs/hardware that work.

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