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Topic: GPO an Finale 2004.

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    GPO and Finale 2004.

    I`m a new member of this Forum. And I have directly a question. Because I wants to use the GPO together with Final 2004 for Mac.

    But I have a problem, because I cant`t find the GPO Studio. I made all, like it is in the tutorial discribed, but i can`t find this file.

    Sorry for this stubid question, but I don`t find by my self a solution. I hope that anyone here can help me!

    Thanks in advance!

    P.s. Sorry for my bad english!

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    Re: GPO an Finale 2004.

    Here's a link to the Mac version of GPO Studio.

    GPO Studio 1.11 for Mac

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    Re: GPO an Finale 2004.

    Thanks for the Link!


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