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Topic: Morphology

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    Having taken the plunge and acquiring Atmosphere I am now wanting to know if Morphology is a complement or just a poor competitor...can someone contribute a small review and say what Morphology might add to Atmosphere in a studio set up?....I am also hearing Vapor is a good mix with Morphology..anybody agree and why?

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    Re: Morphology

    I have both. I think Atmosphere is better at what we think of as pads.... although some of the beds/drones are good also. But the strength of Atmosphere is the "classic" pad. There are fewer sounds in Morphology, but more of the rhythmic sounds. IMHO Morphology also has more in the way of tweaking features. Music is such a matter of personal taste hard to say one is better than the other.... for the music I make, I prefer Atmosphere, but have use Morphology on several tunes.

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    Re: Morphology

    I'm consistently more impressed with Atmosphere.

    However, as the last guy said, Morphology has your typical Kompakt UI, with built-in verb, delay and chorus, plus it has 8 channels of audio, which allows for great amounts of tweaking.

    I'd say Morphology is cool enough and different enough to warrant a purchase.
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