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Topic: GPO in Logic

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    GPO in Logic

    I'm loving using GPO on my Sonar Laptop, but something on my Mac is bothering me -- I would really like to use the samples in EXS instead of the NI player. I love the integration of EXS, and since the remainder of my sample library lives there, it would be better for auditioning patches. Plus a not so small consideration is the really small text in Kontakt player -- I'm half blind to begin with, and those fonts may claim the remainder of my vision...........

    And BTW, thanks to Gary for a truly great sounding tool!!

    Curtis Craig
    Assistant Professor of Sound Design, Penn State University

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    Re: GPO in Logic

    I don't know which text you are referring to, but I believe this is being worked on. Also, at this time, I don't know of any way to use GPO in EXS. Even using Kontakt, you can't export the wav files out of the patches. Even if you did, you'd lose the programming of the samples. There would have to be an EXS version released to take advantage of EXS's capabilities.

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    Re: GPO in Logic

    Oh, pretty much all of the fonts -- they just aren't very readable. I guess I'm just not real big on the interface as a whole. EXS is just so tightly integrated into logic that it doesn't even really feel like a plug-in (guess it really isn't). Logic is notoriously unfriendly to other plug-ins as well, so I know that this can be a problem. There are a couple of really good sample program translation utilities out there, my personal choice being CDXtract -- it really does a beautiful job of translating samples and their programs from other formats to EXS, but it doesn't work with what I've heard called the 'monolithic' type of format the GPO uses.

    Curtis Craig
    Assistant Professor of Sound Design, Penn State University

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