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Topic: new VSL demo( well almost finished)

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    new VSL demo( well almost finished)

    this is the 1st mix/master version of this piece:


    would like some feedback on this mix
    mixed w/ cubase sx32bit files on mackie hr824
    also checked and elcheapo computer speakers and headsets.
    for some strange reason it sounds a bit drier when converted to mp3
    (soundforge 5)
    instruments are VSL 1st edition and giga piano also reverb is
    5 instances of Sir -concertgebouw hall
    thanks in advanced

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    Re: new VSL demo( well almost finished)

    This is hard for me to write (because usually I have to write just the opposite), but I thought the reverb was a little dry.

    I did like the depth of each instrument (brass way in the back) and each instrument could be clearly heard. The best part was the addition of the piano in a sort of Carl Orff sound.

    However, I do not like the strings at all. Just too thin and grating. Is this intended for film or game audio? If so, I would skip the real hall impulses and go for one of the effect unit ones (I'm no expert, but I like the Lexicon PCM 90 Rooms /lg instr chamber) from noisevault. Not a real space at all, but for film/game it gives that sweet syrupy ambience that our ears have come to expect.

    Also, to thicken thin sounding strings, I've often resorted to adding just a tad (small amount) of classic reverb (some free one) before the SIR. It thickens, but of course, at the cost of syrup.

    Also, I thought it got a little repititious at about 0:42. It was a relief when all the strings came in at 0:47. I would add some extra instruments at around 0:42 or maybe skip the falling motif once or twice and just put some boom, boom percussion there.

    Anyway - of course, this is just my once over impression from an audience point of view.

    good luck


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    Re: new VSL demo( well almost finished)

    thanks i 'll take a look at that reverb
    i still make soem orchestral rearanegments as well
    this is still demo stuff - wired piece that it is

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