I\'m running Gigstudio 2.5 under Win98SE. Brand-new system, rock-solid.

Hans Adamson\'s Malmsjo piano has a half-dozen variations, of which the first in the list is \"Rock X Wide.\" When I first load the sample into a blank template, I can easily change the active variation. (Sorry if my terminology is weak, I\'m just learning.) However, once I save it, the variation changes to Rock X Wide and I cannot load any other variation from the pick list. This happens independently of how many other samples are loaded, how many channels I try, whether I quit GSt and re-start it, etc. The variations are loading, I can see them in the pick list, but I can\'t select them.

Has anybody else seen this and/or have any ideas about what might be going on? It doesn\'t happen with any other gig. Hans said the variations were built with the GSampler editor and maybe there is something in GSt that is incompatible, but I\'m sure some of my other samples that are OK were built in the GSampler era as well. I\'ve tried erasing and re-loading the sample, no joy.

It\'s clearly some kind of subtle interaction between GSt\'s Save function and the sample file, but I don\'t know what to do to fix it.
Thanks for any help you expert programmers might be able to provide.