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Topic: echo indigo

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    echo indigo

    Hello friends

    I recently bought a ECHO Indigo IO to replace my old ECHO indigo. I was totally happy with the old one (used it with Gigastudio) but I need a guitar input.
    Two queries:

    1)Is there a good place I can advertise to sell it? I wasnt sure if I can do it in theis forum.

    2)Also, being a total novice with anything but MIDI, how does one record an acoustic guitar in a laptop? If I hook up the line out of my old guitar amp with the input of the indigo io I hear this huge unbearable humming noise, sounding like a morse code.

    Please do let me know if you have any suggestions.

    Thanks much in advance!!

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    Re: echo indigo

    Regarding the problem recording the guitar, does it work ok if you connect the
    guitar directly to the guitar input of the Echo? Note that my understanding is that if your guitar has an internal D.I box, you'd probably be wanting to connect it to the microphone input instead. Or, if it has an internal preamp, it would then be connected to the line input of the Echo.

    When you connect the amp's line out to the Echo, it should go to the line input of the Echo.

    You could have a grounding problem I guess.

    Take all this with a dose of salt, as I have never plugged an electric guitar into anything. ;^) I'm basing my above comments on the research I have done into old electro-acoustic pianos, some of which have an output which is similar to an electric guitar. I waited a day before replying, because I think there are others here with much better knowledge.


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    Re: echo indigo

    Oops - I see that the Indigo has neither a guitar input, nor a mic input - it only has stereo line in, and stereo line out. I guess that means you *must* use your guitar amp's line level output, unless your guitar happens to have an internal preamp. (I get the impression some guitars do have an internal preamp, or an internal DI box)

    If your guitar works ok through the guitar amp, and you know that the output of your guitar amp is line level, then there may be a problem with the cabling. Is your guitar amp output mono? If so, you will be recording to only one channel, unless you are using a mono to stereo adaptor cable/plug, or unless you can pan the signal with a mixer on the laptop.


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    Re: echo indigo

    hi Greg
    Thanks so much for your reply.

    My guitar doesnt have a preaamp, and my amp out has a single pin, which means its mono i guess. when I hook it up with one plug of a two pin stero cable and then onto the indigo stero input, I hear a lot of noise along with my guitar on ONE side only.

    Another think is I hear the noise (but at a much lower level) even when the amp is powered off! I wonder if that means if it is indeed a grounding problem?


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    Re: echo indigo

    So you can hear the guitar - that's promising.

    You could try to mute the other channel somehow - can you do that in the mixer for the Indigo, on the laptop? Is the guitar level ok, despite the noise
    in the other channel?

    The other thing you could try would be to actually connect the guitar output from the amp to *both* channels of the Indigo. (adaptor plugs are available for this, to convert from mono to stereo)


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    Re: echo indigo

    thanks Greg

    I'll be trying both options later today!


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