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Topic: giga teloport: what's your latency?

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    Thumbs up giga teloport: what's your latency?

    cubase sx w/ delta 1010 asio
    wxppro p4 2.8/800e asus p4c800
    intel onboard giga lan

    SLAVE: giga 2.54 windows 2000
    p4 2.4/800 asus p4c800 onboard giga lan 3com

    after some 1st time tweaking i found that if set my delta to 128 samples
    then manually set the wrapper to 384 and buffer to 64 . i get a pretty tight response and i can slam out a lot of data before getting any dropped samples.
    so at 384/ 64 ( wrapper) and 128 audio card not bad.
    what are you guys getting?

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    Re: giga teloport: what's your latency?

    I don't understand Wrapper, but I have my Delta 2496 at 64, Giga at 96K for a net latency of . . . 0! Odd thing was the best I could do before was DMA buffer of 256 and Giga at 44K, until I put an nVidia video card in, then I could set DMA buffer at 64 plus Giga at 96K to have snack crackle pop free audio. With my old ATI card in, don't ask me why, I was getting 5ms latency (256 DMA buffer x 44K), now 0ms latency (64 x 96K).



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