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Topic: Cymbals (roll)

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    Cymbals (roll)


    I'm a french newbie with GPO. Last night I tried to use the cymbals rolling in crescendo but it takes very long to play. It starts very low and finish very high.
    Is there a way of using it differently ?
    I mean, I just want a roll crescendo on the cymbal for a measure, from piano, to forte.
    Or do I have to use the other one, without crescendo, and create it myself ?
    I use sonar, I tried this way but the result isn't good enough for me.

    Thanks for reply, I'm stuck !


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    Re: Cymbals (roll)


    G#5 and A5 are mod wheel (cc1) controlled rolls. You can use shape crescendos/diminuendos any way you like.


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    Re: Cymbals (roll)

    yes ok, but the other one, the last one, I think it's A#5 or B5, the sound is great, but it's too long, I'd like to use this one but shorter, just for a measure.

    I tried the other ones, but the sound is not so good, and the end is quite odd ??? It suddenly breaks, there is no clean end (hope you understand my way of speaking english !).

    Thanks for help.
    Windows XP. P4.
    Full GPO and CoMB.
    Finale 2008 and Sonar 7 PE.

    Mostly writing music for concert Band.
    Publishing his own work.

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    Re: Cymbals (roll)


    If you prefer using the recorded roll with crescendo on the A#5 your best approach would be to, in a sense, work backwards. By that I mean: align the end release of the roll (at the maximum crescendo point) to the position you wish your roll to end. Then draw in cc7 to shape the volume of the crescendo leading up to the release and thereby create the length you need. Make sure you have activated cc7 in the Options menu.


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