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Topic: David Raskin Passing?

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    Unhappy David Raksin Passing?

    I'm not sure if I got the right format since the board has been redone, but I just wanted to post the news I got from Film music network. It seems David Raskin passed today.
    Man I just learned who he was only a few years ago. According to the email I received from FMN, he worked with Charlie Chaplin on Modern Times. I heard him talking about 'Laura' on a TV special about film composers


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    Re: David Raskin Passing?

    This is a good place to post, JohnnyP. No sweat. After all, Raksin was one of the greats. When the composer of Laura passes away then any half decent musician on any board should know about it.


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    Re: David Raskin Passing?

    He's called Raksin, not Raskin.

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    Unhappy Re: David Raskin Passing?

    David Raksin 1912-2004

    Sorry to see him go. He had a very full life and was considered by many people to be the "Grandfather of film music."

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    Re: David Raskin Passing?


    Quote Originally Posted by MarcDerell
    He's called Raksin, not Raskin.
    Sorry about that. Thank you for the correction.


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    Re: David Raskin Passing?

    I was actually lucky enough to meet Mr. Raksin in person at a "lecture" he gave at the lebrea retirement community a couple years ago. The audience was made up of mainly elderly people with no musical background, and myself, the only young whippersnapper in the room.

    Seeing others talking during the presentation, reminiscing of years past rather then really listening to the music, I was greatly saddened to the reality that most dont truly understand what we do. After the presentation, tried to hint at this observation, but he simply carried on with a quiet dignity, choosing instead to talk about how glad he was able to participate in such wonderful music.

    I will always remember that, and its sad to hear the news that others will not be able to gain the same understanding of the man behind the music.

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