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Topic: Another non-news newsletter

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    Another non-news newsletter

    Hi It\'s Nemesys here....

    In this months newletter we\'re gonna talk about the weather. My hasn\'t it been chilly recently.

    Top Giga tip...

    When you load up Gigastudio you can click and drag an instrument from the quickSound database into the desired channel.

    Other Giga News...

    Well nothing else to say really so lets focus on sample developers instead. Well there\'s this guy doing this and that guy is doing that. And what a jolly load of samples other people are producing.

    A word of reassurance about things...

    HALion is a lot worse than GigaStudio because... err we say so. Obviously, as you can tell from our news letters, we\'re developing lots more things for GigaStudio and things are moving much faster than HALion. OK so HALion\'s had about 3 updates in the time it\'s taken us to just translate the same GigaStudio we had on win98 to win2k. But that doesn\'t mean it\'s better. Please guys... it\'s not as good... just stick with us a little longer pleaseee.

    In other news...

    GigaDiga whent to sleep waiting for even one more feature to be added to GigaStudio and is reported to have merely turned over and let out a loud snore when our latest news letter was delivered to him.

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    Re: Another non-news newsletter

    I share your sarcasm Giga


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    Re: Another non-news newsletter

    I basically agree.

    Is it coincidence they sent out the (no-)Newsletter on the same day the Musikmesse Frankfurt starts? It\'s like saying: \"OK, everyone else is presenting new stuff in Frankfurt, but don\'t forget us, we\'re still here\". A glimpse of the Giga roadmap would have been nice.

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