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Topic: Should I upgrade?

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    Should I upgrade?


    I have Gigasampler64 (v. 1.62 patched to v.1.64). My system is:

    AMD Duron 900
    20GB HDD
    SB Audigy Sound card

    Currently, Gigasampler is still in the experimental stages for me, and I don\'t have the PC fully expanded yet (the MB can run a large variety of processor speeds, and much more RAM, etc.).

    I also don\'t have a very large variety of samples yet (some stuff I\'ve converted from Kurzweil and ASR-10 format, and some free stuff from Worra\'s sample site).

    On the Tascam site, it lists the upgrade at $99.00. I would like to, in the future, expand the role of GS in my music making and update my computer (sound card and all).

    Based on that -- do you think I should spend the $100.00 to go up to GSt, or apply that money to a new sound card or some more samples? I don\'t want to get stuck with a product that has no upgrade path in the near future (or a horribly expensive upgrade path)...


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    Re: Should I upgrade?

    If your planned upgrades include Windows XP you will have to upgrade both Giga and your sound card. If you\'re going to stay with 98 for a while why not treat yourself to some more samples first? True, GigaStudio has a lot more features and polyphony but without sound libraries, what\'s the point?

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