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Topic: Score commentary on DVDs?

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    Score commentary on DVDs?

    Borrowed "The Family Man" from the library last week. The movie was okay, but more interesting for me was that the DVD included a full commentary track by Danny Elfman, and they had pulled all of the dialogue and sound effects out, so you only heard the music alone in the context of everything, periodically with Elfman's comments. It was interesting and educational to see and hear where the music was added. I didn't really notice the music when first watching the film (which is sometimes the intent of good scoring, eh?), but I could tell seeing it in that context the effect that it had.

    I was wondering if anyone knows of other DVDs where this is offered. I know there are some DVDs with brief interviews or segments about the music scoring, but I'm looking for more with this particular approach, or at least with more significant attention to the scoring.
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    Hey, this is most interesting. Would be real educational to see more like you described here. I think I'll rent the movie tonight if they have it. Danny Elfman is one of my favorites.
    Thanks for the info.

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    Re: Score commentary on DVDs?

    There aren't many, usually due to legal rights over the soundtrack scores---there was originally going to be one on the Lord of the Rings DVDs, which I would have loved but it ended up not happening for some reason.

    The DVD of Pleasantville from New Line Cinema has an excellent one with Randy Newman, even though it's not a great score.

    Ah, Elfman does another good one for Edward Scissorhands and his great score for Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, and a less interesting one for the Planet of the Apes remake. I'd like to see him do one for Batman when that Special Edition (SE) eventually comes out.

    The late Jerry Goldsmith did one for Hollow Man SE (not the Superbit version). The original release of Alien (not the currently available version) had an isolated score but I can't remember if Goldsmith contributed comments for it. I don't think he did, but could be misremembering.

    Basil Poledouris provides a commentary for Starship Troopers SE (not the original release or the Superbit version, so be careful which one you pick up)

    The Duellists, has one with composer Howard Blake but I've not heard it.
    Ditto for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, with composer Eliott Goldenthal; The Sixth Day with composer Trevor Rabin; Shirley Walker does one for Final Destination.

    I'll post if I can think of any others.

    [in my spare time--what spare time--I'm also a DVD reviewer]

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    Re: Score commentary on DVDs?

    The original "Matrix" has a voice-over by the composer.

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    Re: Score commentary on DVDs?

    As it turns out, you can see/hear some of the Danny Elfman commentary for some of those films on his website.
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    Re: Score commentary on DVDs?

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    Re: Score commentary on DVDs?

    Just wanted to add the DVD for Se7en has a great commentary track with Howard Shore. He shares time with the sound designer on the track, but Shore gets plenty of time to talk.

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    Re: Score commentary on DVDs?

    Just got myself the X2 (X-men 2) dvd on which one of the commentary tracks is by -- amongst others -- John Ottman. No idea if he says anything interesting though, haven't had the time yet
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    Re: Score commentary on DVDs?

    Quote Originally Posted by christianb
    Cool. Thanks!
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