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Topic: VCache Settings - 1.5 gigs of RAM

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    VCache Settings - 1.5 gigs of RAM

    Can someone tell me what adjustments I need to make to my Windows 98SE Giga machine in order for it to recognize the 1.5 gigs of RAM on my MB?

    Thank you. You may have my first born child...

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    Re: VCache Settings - 1.5 gigs of RAM

    Not sure that I want that child - not sure you REALLY want to give it away either

    Anyway.. Just about any VCache setting will work, as long as it isn´t above 512MB. So for example:

    In system.ini


    .. will work fine.

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    Re: VCache Settings - 1.5 gigs of RAM

    No matter what I change the Vcache settings to (8192, 4096, 32768, 16384, 524288) I still get this error:

    \"Insufficient memory to initialize windows. Quit one or more memory-resident programs or remove unnecessary utilities from your Config.sys and Autoexec.bat files, and restart your computer. \"

    The ONLY way I can get this error to go away and for windows to boot is to add the line MaxPhysPage=30000 in the 386enh section of my system.ini.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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    Re: VCache Settings - 1.5 gigs of RAM

    Weird. Tried with 1gb instead of 1.5? 1gb has worked fine here on a KT133 chipset. Currently I only have 768mb on a SIS735.

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    Re: VCache Settings - 1.5 gigs of RAM

    Okay, got it to work with 1 gig of RAM - Thanks Simon

    I took out one 512mg chip. Could the brand, type or quality of the RAM effect anything?

    Anyone have anymore suggestions?

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    Re: VCache Settings - 1.5 gigs of RAM

    Yes, the type could affect it, but your machine should give you some sort or error if that is the problem. When the chip is in, run a memory diagnostic from the CMOS (you usually have to hit DEL or some key right after the machine comes on to get into the CMOS) and see if the memory is being detected properly.

    The only type issue I can see you having is if you are mixing and matching sizes of memory chips (for ex, 2 512MB and 2 256K chips), or if some of your memory is ECC and some isn\'t. ECC is a type of memory that sacrifices some speed for 100% reliability.

    Personally I\'ve found that 1GB is about all a GigaStudio machine needs, because with that many instruments, I am running into the 160 voice polyphony limit. I need to upgrade to a 2 machine system.

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    Re: VCache Settings - 1.5 gigs of RAM

    Some motherboards have timing problems when you fill more than two of the RAM sockets. Check with your motherboard maker for info/limitations and check other web sites related to your motherboard for similar problems and fixes. I\'ve seen this kind of a post on overclockers forums and your problem may not be software related.

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