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Topic: Help - What OS????

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    Help - What OS????

    After recently purchasing GOS and LOP I realized that 500mg of RAM on my Windows 98 dedicated Giga machine is not cutting so:

    I bought more Ram only to find out that my motherboard didn\'t more than 500mg.

    I bought a new motherboard only to find out Windows 98 doesn\'t support more that 500mg.

    WHAT OS SHOULD I BE RUNNING? I need to take advantage of the full 1.5 gigs that are now installed in my motherboard.

    Please Win2000 or ME or XP?

    Someone please help.

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    Re: Help - What OS????

    Ahhh more of this \'Win98 doesnt support more than 512mb\' rubbish. I don\'t know where all you guys read that stuff.... Do a search on these forums and you\'ll see countless posts on this topic. Anyway what is your problem. Why dont you believe Win98 will use more than 512mb ram?

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    Re: Help - What OS????

    Please Simon, help me. Tell me how to use 1.5 gigs of RAM with Win98.



    My problem is that after I installed my new MotherBoard with the 1.5 gigs and reinstalled Windows 98 I got the error message \"Insufficient Memory to Initialize Windows\". I looked this error up on Yahoo and got this page:

    in which microsoft (I am asssuming the authority on the subject) explains that Windows 98 does not support more than 512mb of RAM.

    After I added the \" MaxPhysPage=30000\"

    command in the system.ini file Windows98 booted.

    I have done search on this forum under Vcache, found a lot of posts, but nothing in the way of a solution.

    Dude - email me please. I am desperate. freethinker@pipingunlimited.com.

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