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Topic: irish orchestra music ?

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    irish orchestra music ?

    Does anyone compose any irish style of orchestra music that I could listen to ? Thanks.

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    Re: irish orchestra music ?

    I composed this awhile back for a game that ultimately fell through. It has an irishy/folky feel mixed with orchestra.

    ( http://www.aaronsapp.com/mp3/Marketplace.mp3 ) <-- case-sensitive

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    Re: irish orchestra music ?

    Marsdy has a good Irish Orchestral demo on his site;


    Haven't seen him here in a while though...
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: irish orchestra music ?

    For those still seeing this post, I believe Garritan now has some Irish instrumentation!


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    The movie scores for the Disney animation films:

    Tinkerbell (2008)
    Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure (2009)

    The merge of orchestral movie music with irish elements works very well in these two scores !

    Now if you buy the original soundtrack CDs for these two movies, you only get the vocals tracks, not the orchestral movie score itself.

    Happily, you can listen to the full orchestral scores at the website of the composer Joel McNeely:



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