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Topic: combining .gig files

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    combining .gig files

    Hello everybody ...

    I have an AKAI CD with drum samples
    from Steve Gadd. I am trying to create
    a .gig file that will contain drums samples
    (hihat, toms, snares, etc.).
    I am using CDXtract. I\'ve managed to extract
    the samples as .gig instrument files. In this
    format all the parameters (keyboard mapping, LFOs, filters, mix levels, etc.) are saved.
    The problem is I can\'t find a way to \"combine\" all
    the .gig files to one .gig file.
    I \'ve tried the combine function in the GSEdit.
    You can only combine 2 or 4 instruments in such a way
    that is at least annoying!!
    If you have 2 .gig files (let\'s say hihat and tom) and try
    to combine them, either the parameters of the hihat or
    of the tom are used on the new .gig file.
    You can imagine how that will sound ...

    Any ideas?!?!?

    Takis Peppas

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    Re: combining .gig files

    Hi...I think what you want to do is to combine multiple akai programs into 1 .gig file..if it\'s what you\'re going after, try to merge the programs within CDxtract first when creating the giga conversion then a new .gig file will contain all the programs that were combined .



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    Re: combining .gig files

    You might actually go about this another way. Extract everything you want as wave files, then build you gig file based on what you see your need are.

    I\'ve been building my own drum sets now for a month or two. It\'s not difficult to do. You can place whatever samples you want where ever you want them on the keyboard, and can easily combine samples from different libraries to get the sounds you want.

    Just a thought.


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