So I was using Translator today, and basically, I was trying to take a bunch of gigastudio files and merge them into one gig file. As in, its the giga 150 MB general midi collection. So bassically, I have 128 .gig files and I'd rather merge them into ONE .gig file "bank" that I could load into my VSampler. That way, I can go ahead and load all the files at one time and boom--have my general midi ready to go. Otherwise, I would have to load EVERY SINGLE file into the sampler, one by one.

I know that .gig can do banks, because I have some other .gig stuff (like heavy guitars, etc.) with like 5-10 patches per file.

That's what I want: 1 file, 128 patches. And so I'm just wondering: Is there a way to "batch convert" these 128 gig files into 1 gig file? The right click method doesn't seem to work, as I can only select 1 gig file at a time in the left window pane.

If anyone has any info, it would be a life saver! Thanks so much.