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Topic: Creating Your Own Samples/Pads

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    Creating Your Own Samples/Pads

    Hey all,

    I\'ve had my first experience creating my own samples with GigaStudio and was impressed with how easy it was.

    I\'d like to get a little more involved in making my own pads/etc. Does anybody know of a web resource that may help me? I\'d love to know how those folks at Spectrasonics created Distorted Reality.

    I\'m interested in manipulating source sounds (a shakuhachi, for example) into pads and other interesting textures. I\'ve already produced some cool results just messing around, but I\'m curious if there is a \"tools of the trade article\" or something around. I\'ve looked on my favorite search engines and found nothing.



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    Re: Creating Your Own Samples/Pads

    There really isnt\' a tools of trade resource out there. Its all about \"tweaking\"

    A favorite past time of mine

    With pads, Reverbs help alot, time stretching/pitching helps alot. Vocoders are awesome. For wacky \"moving\" sounds, use a combintation of dopplers , and mixing. One of my faves is distorting a signal and having a slow LFO/evelope follower set to it and make it very \"center\", then take the non distorted sound and throw it in reverb, and maybe even remove the center channel, or delay the distorted signal by a couple of \"beats\", and inver the LFO. Its a neat sound.

    Granular Synthesis is something to look into. Reaktor and softsynths would be something to checkout as well. You can build filters and sound munchers that affect a waveform you put in.

    Also look at Acoustic Mirror and using Wave files as the impulses. You can get enat effects that way.

    Mix and match and dont stop wondering \"what would happen if I did THIS!!!\"

    Really...I am an Idiot

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