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Topic: drum editing

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    Re: drum editing

    I had the same sort of problem. There is a portion of the editor in the bottom right where you will find a check box labeled \'Pitch Track\' or \'Pitch Follow\'.

    Try unchecking that.


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    Re: drum editing

    Thanks Mark. I found a solution by adjusting the unity note in the sampler settings.

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    drum editing

    At one time on this forum someone suggested that It would be possible to edit/create drum patches by selecting individual keys and inserting the new sounds into an previously created drum patch....like substituting a closed high hat for an open one. The problem I\'m having is that the file now includes the new sound but it\'s tone now matches where it is located on the keyboard and of course either way low or way high.

    I really appreciate ideas as this has been bugging me since 1999

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    Re: drum editing

    You can also Pitch bend the notes. thats how most people have been doing it for years on samplers.

    I personally work in ACID or REX format with Waves, but many people dont have these pieces of software of software that supports it, or understand hw to use it.

    With \"live drum\" sounds, I always use a sample kit with individual hits. This allows me to program the exact specific beat. With mostly great results. Only riding cymbals and VERY intricate AND long rolls on the snare are problematic at times.

    I have an idea on how to fix both for myself with custom sampling.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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