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Topic: Which performs better: GS or HALion?

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    Which performs better: GS or HALion?

    HALion wouldn\'t show me an msg32 error and that\'s the reason for my question.
    But what else? Has anyone tried both? Which can perform highest polyphony, lowest latency without drop outs? Does this depend whether I use logic or Cubase or on the audio card I\'m using? What else might be a disadvantage for HALion?



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    Re: Which performs better: GS or HALion?

    An addition:

    I have created several Orchestra Instruments, most with 4 or 8 dimensions filled with different articulations, a few with 16. Plus 2, seldom 4, velocity splits.
    It would be HALions task to import these instruments and handle/play them. I\'ve read that HALion preloads a larger part of each wave into RAM than GS does and therefore an instrument in HALion will need more RAM than in GS. Is that still true?


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