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Topic: Some XP observations - come see!!!

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    Some XP observations - come see!!!

    1. When you launch GigaStudio, you\'ll note in task manager that msg32.exe gets bumped up to realtime priority. When playing audio and MIDI in cubase, I was noticing crackling. I set msg32.exe to normal priority and the problem was solved. Similarly in cubase if you set its internal priority to high then you\'ll see in task manager that its priority gets bumped up to realtime. That was another way I got rid of crackling.

    The question then is this: could msg32.exe being in realtime priority mode be the cause for some of Giga\'s instability, given that so many people have msg32 related crashes?

    2. Upon startup of XP, Giga is doing something and I would love to know what. The way I see it, giga should be doing nothing unless I tell it to. Sometimes after booting, I get an XP message saying that there was a problem with the contexant endless wave message server. Then I start giga and get an initialization error 218 message. It then points to ntdll.dll among other things.

    So what is the deal? What the hell is the contexant endless wave message server? What does giga do upon bootup? Also, are there services in XP that giga is dependent on? And other settings (virtual memory, priority being on background services or programs, etc)

    That\'s all I have noticed. I am very curious to see if others have noticed similar things.

    ASUS A7V
    Matrox G450
    IBM 60GXP, 75GXP
    Athlon 1.2
    768 MB RAM

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    Re: Some XP observations - come see!!!

    msg32.exe IS the contexant endless wave message server. It loads at Windows startup because GSt has to get it’s foot in the door, so to speak, at a very low level. Use the priority setting in GSt to give Cubase more resources.

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