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Topic: Gigastudio worth it w/out keyboard

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    Gigastudio worth it w/out keyboard

    Maybe this is a question of a simpleton, so be it...but I have been working with Cubase and sound libraries, Kontakt, etc...but I do not own a midi keyboard. I am intrigued with the possibilities of GS but is there any point to it if I dont have a keyboard? Can it help me achieve more realistic legatos and articulations regardless? Thanks

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    Re: Gigastudio worth it w/out keyboard

    Giga will also work just as well without a keyboard as Kontakt does. The results depend on how well you can tweak the sequence with a mouse. The quality of the articulations and legatos really depends on the library more than the sampler.

    One thing that doesn't matter when working without a keyboard is latency. Giga is very fast, but it won't matter much to you. The things that will matter are how many samples you can load, how much polyphony you can get, and how good the effects sound. GS3 with GigaPulse competes well in this regard. After that, it really depends on the libraries that you purchase.

    -Jon Fairhurst

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