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Topic: Hi all, new and a q

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    Talking Hi all, new and a q

    Hi everybody, just installed my gpo last night and am in the process of "the learning curve". My question is this, does anybody use a Roland A-30 keyboard controller? I am finding that the mod wheel thing is a bit different. I never really used it a great deal before but with this it is maybe time to buy a new keyboard. The thing is that the pitch wheel and the mod are both the same knob. Left and right to change pitch and push to get modulation. Do those keyboards that have wheels recenter themselves or do they stay at whatever modulation you put it at? Mine always resets itself and it is not very precise. Anyway, gpo is going to be great! PS, thanks for talking with me on the phone the other day Gary, it was very nice to make your aquaintance,

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    Re: Hi all, new and a q

    you want to re-assign your data entry slider to CC#1 and use that for your modulation, works well.
    Press Patch=off
    Press Data Entry Assign
    Press 0,1
    Press Enter
    Press Patch On

    All done, enjoy

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    Re: Hi all, new and a q

    Thanks, that is great! Iwill have to get the book out so I can save that as one of the presets. I have been using the fourth one by default for years. Thanks again!

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    Re: Hi all, new and a q

    Quote Originally Posted by mrreno
    PS, thanks for talking with me on the phone the other day Gary, it was very nice to make your aquaintance,
    Welcome to the forum mrreno! Glad you can join us. It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone and since you live on the other side of the pond (Puget Sound) I hope we can meet sometime. Let us know if we can help in any way.

    Gary Garritan

    PS: Thanks RobbinsEgg for helping out with the MIDI reassignments

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    Re: Hi all, new and a q

    you're welcome.
    mrreno & Gary, coincidentally, it's just that I happened to have taken my old Roland A-30 out of mothballs from the garage recently as a temporary replacement for my Fatar controller, which is in the shop being fixed because of cargo shipping abuse! I went through a few days of hair pulling (without a manual) to figure out how to program this damn a-30. So serendipity reigns again, and I'm putting in for karma points!

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    Re: Hi all, new and a q

    Bonus points for you. How do you like the FATAR? I have heard they are nice but have yet to try one.

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    Re: Hi all, new and a q

    I have the SL-880, the feel is really good - weighted keys, but the thing is a monster. Heavier than a soprano. They have another, newer model that's 88 keys I think that is a lot lighter and less bulky.
    I think the weight contributed to its getting damaged, even though I have a good flight case for it. Once it's fixed, it'll stay home and I'll travel with a smaller controller.

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