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Topic: Differences Betewwn Bell D Libraries

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    Differences Betewwn Bell D Libraries

    Can anyone explain the differences between Diva Classical Female Soloists, Extended and By Design. Which is the most comprehensive and why would I want one over the other.

    The demos sound great but they don't really elaborate on what was used. I especially like Rob Elliott's stuff.

    Thanks for your help


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    Re: Differences Betewwn Bell D Libraries

    I would just get the bundle. Extended adds more articulations to the standard Diva package. Diva by Design are mostly wav files for people who don't own gigastudio or are interested in creating pieces in an audio program by placing the files in an audio track on top of their composition. There are some nice extras in by Design that I think you'd miss if you didn't own it though.

    I definitely recommend the bundle.

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    Lightbulb Re: Differences Betewwn Bell D Libraries

    Some basics...

    Two female soloists
    A heavy vibrato built into the performance with sustained samples that range an octave and a quarter.
    Crescendo/diminuendo sustains
    Marcato samples
    Moving Vowels e.g., Ah Nah Zoe, etc.
    Performance files e.g., sung phrases "needle drop film type" vocal ques.
    Close and Far mic samples
    Release triggers

    DIVA Extended:
    Soloists one form DIVA.
    Two octave range on sustained vowels.
    Straight tone
    1 second straight tone before vibrato sustains
    2 second straight tone before vibrato sustains
    4 second straight tone before vibrato sustains
    Mod controlled vibrato. Mod wheel down = no vib. Mod wheel up = vibrato
    Recorded intervals
    Tight staccato
    Far mic samples

    DIVA by Design
    5.1 audio
    sung phrases with sound designers touch (created from DIVA)
    Sound designed effects vocal. Musical and non musical.
    Bonus HARP Glissandos

    The best deal is the bundle. If you would like to move slowly... we recommend DIVA.CFS 1.1
    DIVA users may purchase DIVA Extended for more than 50% off - once registered.

    Hope this helps.
    Thank you for your interest.
    Please feel free to contact us if you should have further questions.

    ps. Rob Elliot's demo (Wood Nymph) was created with DIVA 1.1 and is 85% free of phrases. Demo page 2 uses DIVA Extended and DIVA by Design.

    pss. Thank you for the input, Joseph
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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