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Topic: MIDI Freezing - Please Help

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    MIDI Freezing - Please Help

    98SE, GST160 2.5, PIII, 384MB, SBLive!, Logic Audio Sequencer 4.8.1

    I\'ve been having some serious MIDI hangups with Gigastudio during sequencing with Logic. It is most apparent in using big piano samples (eg Gigapiano) at around 96 voice polyphony, and it ONLY freezes during sequence recording or playback. Using GS alone, It doesn\'t freeze at all.

    Has anyone here had a similar experience with a sequencer running simultaneously with Giga, and can anyone recommend a solution to the problem? I\'ve gone through Allen\'s (Tascam) PC Optimization Techniques, as well as reloading software, and nothing seems to work. Would getting a GSIF soundcard help in solving this problem?

    Thanks to all

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    Re: MIDI Freezing - Please Help

    When I ran Logic and Giga on the same PC, I had to disable the audio engine to get good midi performance - or I got exactly what you\'re getting. The whole PC seemed to buckle under the strain of the two apps - even if I wasn\'t recording and audio streams.

    Hancor has a Logic/Giga system running, but he\'s got it very streamlined, and I think a lot of his success can be put down to using SCSI rather than IDE.

    Dave Radisewitz of Radtznest Studioz has had success with both apps on one machine.
    You can find his post here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NemesysMusic/message/3612

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    Re: MIDI Freezing - Please Help

    Hey Chadwick,

    Thanks for trying to help out here. It makes sense that disabling the audio engine would fix the problem. But... It didn\'t fix the problem in my case, which is a REAL bummer, since Logic is my favorite sequencer, which I\'ve worked long and hard to understand how to use. There has to be some other MIDI setting within Logic that could be changed to fix this, cuz this problem just doesn\'t make sense to me that it would be unfixable. Again, the Gigastudio160 (particularly Gigapiano) polyphony when it exceeds about 60 makes Logic Audio\'s MIDI totally freeze up while sequencing. While not recording or playing back MIDI, Giga seems to run just fine.

    Also, I couldn\'t get onto the Radtznest Studioz site posting link that you left.

    If anyone else here who has used Logic with Giga has anything else for me to try out, I\'d definitely appreciate it.


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    Re: MIDI Freezing - Please Help

    try the \"clear all\" command, then reload the performance.

    do this 2 or 3 times.

    it actually works to prevent my freezups.

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    Re: MIDI Freezing - Please Help


    thanks for the advice, but I\'m not sure what you mean. Is that clear all, as in \"reset all\" in Gigastudio and reload the performance? Or is that a function within Logic?

    please clarify - Thanks

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    Re: MIDI Freezing - Please Help

    yes, i do mean the clear all command from within gigastudio. (my sequencer is external)

    good luck!

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    Re: MIDI Freezing - Please Help


    You probably couldn\'t read the post because you need to join the group in Yahoo.

    You can go here:

    Here\'s his post though::

    As far solving my problems, they were due to a bad install of Giga. I reinstalled and reconfigured Giga and logic (without sharing the same audio channels this time), and it all worked. The midi delays were fixed by
    throwing out my old parallel port Opcode midi interface then the replacement parallel port MOTU midi interface, and using a Roland UM-4 USB midi interface instead.

    I can\'t the posts of my set-up either! Here it goes:

    MB: Intel VC820, running at 133 MHz (original bios that came on the CD)
    This motherboard came as part of a promotional set with the ram and processor. It has been \"hotwired\" by Intel for the higher buss and rambus speeds.
    Ram: 256 RDRAM (rambus) 800 MHz
    Processor: Intel PIII 1000 MHz
    SCSI Cards: Adaptec 1550 SCSI; ATTO UW SCSI II card
    Hard Drives:
    IDE (5400 speed):
    Quantum Fireball 2 gig for OS and non music apps
    Western Digital 10 gig for music apps and storage
    UW SCSI 2 Drives (7200 speed):
    Quantum Viking II 5 gig for Giga
    Seagate 10 gig for recording audio
    SCSI Drive
    Ancient external Seagate 10 gig for storage and large file transfer (it\'s as large as a DeskJet printer)
    Video Card: ATI Rage 128 Xpert AGP socket
    Sound Card: Soundscape/Mackie Mixtreme (16 channel) TDIF
    Audio Interface: Tascam TMD 1000 digital mixing board and Tascam MD8 8
    channel AD interface
    Midi Interface: Roland/Edirol UM4 USB
    Midi Controller: Roland/Edirol PC 70
    CD RW: SCSI Ricoh MP6200s (old as dirt)
    CD ROM: IDE Toshiba
    Modem: Award 56k winmodem cheap (I keep a modem on the machine for the ease
    of downloading updates)

    OS: Win 98 FI, fully upgraded
    Major Music Apps: Logic Audio Platinum 4.8.1, GIGA 2.2, Sonic Foundry: Acid
    3.0, Sound Forge 5.x, CD Architect, etc.
    Other: Norton SystemWorks 2002 (only antivirus installed and configured not
    to run in background), MS IE 5.5

    No sharing of IRQs. When ever possible, I run the latest non-beta versions/drivers for all software/hardware. There are also 4 fans in the box to keep it cool.


    Dave Radisewitz
    Radtznest Studioz

    \"Madison\'s Biggest Little Digital Studio\"

    studio@r... www.radtznest.com

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