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Topic: Overture SE Users

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    Overture SE Users

    Gary hasn't updated this link on his site, but Geniesoft has released a new update for Overture SE. The patch can be downloaded here:

    Overture SE 3.6.0 Update

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    Re: Overture SE Users

    Thanks Joseph. And what can we expect from this update? (It's a good thing I reinstalled Overture)

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    Re: Overture SE Users

    Thanks for the tip, Joseph. A lot of things that always bothered me are now fixed, great...

    Changes and Improvements in 3.6.0

    Corrected parenthesis size of Tempos that were wrapped in parenthesis.

    When dragging chord suffixes in the Chord library past the edge, automatic scrolling occurs.

    Fixed problem in Chord Window, when the triangle was used as a Major chord symbol (PC only)

    Fixed random Fermata playback problem.

    When adding slurs, the last note's duration is not extended.

    Improved justifying measures that contained seconds.

    Fixed recent crash when extracting parts that contained a piano system.

    Fixed problem where ties were being placed on wrong side of head when note position was on middle staff line.

    Improved multiple voice feature when importing MIDI files.

    Fixed bug ( introduced in last 2 updates) where entering trills caused notes to disappear when reopening the score. (PC Only)

    Enabled double-clicking on the tuplet cell in the note's palette to open Tuplet dialog. (OS X only)

    Fixed problem with sending bank select information on some devices. (PC Only).

    Fixed a crash when selecting/moving multiple notes.

    Eliminated some extra controller data when exporting to a MIDI file.

    Fixed bug when inserting or moving a clef that may have caused incorrect accidentals on other tracks.

    Fixed crash when entering notes with pencil in Graphics Window. (PC only)

    Fixed bug when using Show>Range Errors that sometimes caused a crash.

    Fixed bug when deleting pages, left an empty page at end of score. (PC only)

    Changed Graphic Window to only edit the current voice and show non-current voices in gray.

    When entering slurs, the gap between notes is closed to produce a smooth legato.

    Fixed crash when exporting a MIDI file (OS X version).

    Fixed misplacement problem when dragging of Text and Chord symbols.

    Improved Encore/Music Time converter of scores containing Piano Tracks

    Extract Dialog now allows for a Reduction Percentage and the ability to hide or show the left edge barline.

    Fixed first item in Preferences>Engraver dialog. (OS X only)

    Overture folder now contains Sound Sets for Garritan Personal Orchestra.

    Corrected playback of Hairpins.

    When flipping hairpins, its four data values are now flipped.

    Record Options (Only and Except) only erase existing data that will be recorded. This allows you to record controllers data while keeping the note data. For example All Except Notes will erase all data except notes when recording.

    Fixed crash when applying lyrics that contains large amounts of words.

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    Re: Overture SE Users

    Geezz crips, they had a lot to address here!


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