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Topic: My muzak board

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    My muzak board

    Hi all,

    I would like to welcome all of you at my new board tryout, it\'s about sharing idea\'s, progressive music, producing, technical issues, sample cd reviews, users mp3\'s etc.. why not have a look and tell me what you think No ads or whatever disturbing stuff.


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    Re: My muzak board

    Hey Pendragon..

    I went to your site and all that was there was the words `Bye, Bye...`. Not meaning to sound melodramatic but I hope you\'re not gonna do anything stupid. Put in the context of your recent mails the `bye bye` sounds rather ominous.

    If your a bit deflated because your board didn\'t fill up with people... I wouldn\'t take it too personal. People have pretty much got what they\'re looking for here and stick in the muds like myself don\'t tend to join up with any more than a couple of boards.

    I strongly recommend, if lifes getting to you at the mo, you try and get out to a beautiful spot in the country somewhere for a couple of days/weeks/months... whichever you can afford. In my eyes humanity clouds itself with its own creations. We sit on things created by humans, we wear things created by humans, we read, listen, and smell things created by humans. Like no other animal on this earth we surround ourselves with products of our own species. At times civilisation can become a cocoon, veiling our eyes to the world beyound human existence. In such a cocoon of crass advertising, everyday chores, trivial descisions about trivial things, we soon begin to loose our sense of self worth. Some people seek to redress this loss by wearing their egos on their sleeves and fishing for compliments in everything they do, others simply buy things all the time to try and reassure themselves of their worth.

    But if we can just take a minute to wander off into a field and try to integrate more with the world which we were NATURALLY born into... well the colour soon comes back to your cheeks. I, for one, am aiming at a trip out of London and off to the hills sometime soon... it always does me good and puts a clearer perspective on things.

    Hopefully your `bye bye` means your actually off doing precisely this.

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