My name is Jeffrey Roland and I am composing music for a 16mm grad project that will incorporate 35mm and end on a 35mm and possibly be distributed nationwide through Hollywood video and run the major and minor film festival circuit. (Sundance, Ottowa, Rotterdam, etc.)

For this endeavor, I am creating an open call for all "able-bodied" musicians that either work currently in an orchestra, quartet, ensemble, etc. situation, or are experianced and can play well. I have also written material for singers either currently in a choir or with a very good ear for music and experianced, able to read music is very important.

As far as orchestral instruments are concerned, I am looking, primarily, for:

violinists (including violists)
bass/doublebass players
flutists OR (oboeists/english hornists/bassoonists/piccolists)
french horn
percussion includ. bells (glockenspiel, xylophone, even toy piano!)
ANY instruments you think will add life to the music, including eastern instruments. But SERIOUS musicians only.

And singer's of all ranges, in any/all languages (although I will primarily utilize choir ooh's and aahh's)

I myself am an experianced pianist who has composed and written
(will record) all of the original music for this picture. This picture includes professional actors, sets, make-up, you name-it. My brother Erik is a senior at the California Institute of the Arts, and this is our 11th, and largest, short film together. Our worked has been screened for some of today's biggest directors, available upon request.

The music will be professionally recorded both in Valencia at Cal Arts , and in San Diego at my home studio, although if you can supply any accessory equipment, since different instruments need differents microphones for optimal performance, that would be grand.

This is a no pay project, but the compensation is that you have a credit to your resume, with your named credited at the end of the film, the experiance of working on a serious film, big connections, etc.. This film will incorporate live action, animation, stop-motion, 3D and computer animation, and pixelation.

If you are interested, even in participating in a few weekends max, please contact me through email and we'll set up a time in the near future where we can begin the recording process.

It may be that you play a simple line over a recording piece. I am using a small orchestra/members of the music program at Cal Arts, but I definiteley need a lot of help, since there is limited instruments/studio time.

Together, we can make beautiful and professional music that will add new dimension and life to this picture.