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Topic: HALion 3 Help!

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    HALion 3 Help!

    Ok guys,

    First off, please excuse this dumb question and secondly, I'm not a keyboardist.

    I just upgraded to HALion 3. I can't seem to get the pitch wheel and mod wheel for volume cresendo's to work. I had no problem in the last version but this new update has me a bit perplexed.

    Can anyone shed some light on how I can get these two features to work? I'm sure it's right in front of me but unfortunatley I have a client scheduled for Thursday and would like to have this working.

    I will continue to read the manual and I do appreciate your indulgence and help.


    Mark Dalzell / AudioScapes
    Las Vegas, NV

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    Re: HALion 3 Help!

    Try this:

    - first make sure you are have selected the right programme in the programme list

    - on the sound page select the "MOD" blue buttons at the top and on the left.

    - make sure no modulation is set-up for the time being.

    - use these settings on the left panel:

    Dest = Volume
    Source = Mod Wheel (1), or Pitch Wheel(1)
    Amount = 100

    - use these settings on the right panel (it should show Mod. Wheel (1))

    Offsett = -100 *
    Range = 100

    * The minus sign is important when trying to use controllers that have negative as well as a positive range such as Pitch Wheel, otherwise you'll only get half the available range (i.e mf to ff as opposed to off to ff)

    Once you're happy with your settings, save them as a preset by entering a name in the box at the top right hand-side that says "default", and pressing the "+" sign next to it to store it.


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    Re: HALion 3 Help!


    Thanks for your instructions. I can get the Pitch and Mod Wheel for volume to work in the upper registers but for some reason I can't get it to function all across the keyboard.

    I must be missing some key mapping or key assignments that is only allowing the upper registers to work.

    Any suggestions on what I'm missing? I will continue to beat on this thing until I get it....



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    Re: HALion 3 Help!

    ---Are you sure you have the 'All' button lit up at top right so that 'all' samples in the program are effected and not 'Selected'?


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    Re: HALion 3 Help!

    JC is right, as long as you're in "ALL" mode, the whole patch should be affected and work with pitch bend->volume for instance. However if part of your patch is in "raw" or "drum" mode then the routing from pitch->volume will be bypassed and revert to plain old pitch-bend.


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    Re: HALion 3 Help!

    Thanks guys. I'll will check into this and get back to you.



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