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Topic: Piano Samples + Pedals

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    Piano Samples + Pedals

    Are there any decent sampled pianos that respond to damper, soft and sostenuto out there?

    Am I also correct in thinking these are generally 64,66,67 channels?

    If anyone could help

    Thanks Az

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    Re: Piano Samples + Pedals

    Not only are there no sampled pianos that do this to my knowledge, the only keyboards that even have three properly functioning pedals are made by General Music and not easy to find. The current models are the Promega 2 and 3.
    If I'm wrong about any of the above info, I'd be delighted, so please post to let us all know.

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    Re: Piano Samples + Pedals

    My master keyboard is a Kawai MP9500 - which has soft / damper pedals, sadly the pedal board doesn't have a sostenuto pedal but I can add this via an additional pedal.. It's a real shame that on such a great keyboard it's let down by 2 things - lack of that third pedal on the pedal board, and the sounds - which are good but not "great".

    Lots of sampled pianos seem to manage damper / sostenuto - but not many do all three. The only one I have seen is the Grand by Steinberg.

    Is this something PMI have thought of doing? From what I've seen they tend to produce the best sounding pianos..

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