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Topic: Need help with computer issues

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    Question Need help with computer issues

    Hey guys,

    My computer is a windows 2000 P4 2.6 ghz with 1.5 gigs of ram and (2) 120 gigabyte HD's. One drive is used for OS, programs and sound sets (EWQL Gold, Atmosphere, etc) and the other is used for audio storage. I'd like to do a complete re-install of my OS as my machine is acting up a bit and I have a few questions:

    1) I've read that I should probably have 3 drives. 1 for OS and programs (cubase SL, etc) one for sample libraires and one for project audio. Is this right?

    2) Do I have EWQL Gold, for instance, installed on the OS/Programs drive but the sample data it uses stored on the samples drive? (Same for Atmosphere, Xphrase?) Or should the program be installed with the sample data on the samples drive? (does this make any sense?!)

    3) How hard will it be to relicense my EWQL and Spectrasonics product etc?

    4) Since this sounds like it will be time consuming, how can I back up my system to easily re-install, if necessary, in the future. (Of course I'll have to install all of the upgrades to the software as well) (I have Norton Ghost that can back up to CD's. Is this the best solution?)

    5) Currently the computer has 4 IDE devices. (2 HD's, a CDRW, and a DVD ROM) If I put a third drive into the system for samples do I need to buy a IDE expander? (Isn't IDE only good for 4 devices?)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know it's tough to keep a computer "trouble free" but before I go through the pain of a complete re-install I want to make sure I have the proper amount of drives etc.

    All the very best,


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    Re: Need help with computer issues

    1) 3 drives wouldn't hurt. Actually the more you could disperse your library the better performance you will get. Strings on one drive, Brass and Winds on another, Keyboards/Percussion/FX on another.

    2) It would be best to have the player installed on one drive and the samples on another. If you can't do that it will be competing with the OS for hard drive transfer bandwidth.

    3) It should be relatively simple via Kontakt's website to reliscense the software, not sure about Spectrasonics. But I'd have their phone number near by for any problems that may crop up.

    4) Norton's Ghost would be beneficial to return your OS and programs to their previous state, but I'm not sure this would save you from reliscensing the software players.

    5) Most systems that don't have seperate IDE Raid configurations max out at 4 IDE ports. You may want to look at investing in another motherboard with SATA architecture or more IDE ports rather than a PCI card. Although, I have had good luck with a Promise RAID PCI card. It enabled us to have a further 4 hard drives installed.

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