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Topic: key switch by yellow tools

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    key switch by yellow tools

    Hi to all Gigasampler users,

    the waiting is over:
    yellow tools developed \"key switch\", an ultimate software tool for gigasampler and more...
    With key switch you can create your own, sampling library, instrument and MIDI hard- and
    software independent key dimensions. Additional features are simultaneous playing (multi), x-fading and
    mixing of several instruments.

    And the best: key switch is freeware, so check us out at \"www.yellowtools.com\" and get your free copy of that must for all gigasampler users.



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    Re: key switch by yellow tools

    Good idea, very good idea. But not all functions work properly with my GigaStudio.
    To have eigth instruments at the same time is great. The mix and fade thing doesn\'t work.

    greetings Hugbald (Berlin)

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