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Topic: Reverb variables explained?

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    Reverb variables explained?

    Where\'s a site out there in Webland that will really explain ALL of the following reverb variables:

    Room HF
    HF Decay RATIO
    Early Reflections
    Reflections Delay
    Late Reverb
    Reverb Delay
    High Freqency 300-16,000HZ
    Echo Depth
    Echo Rate

    Of course, I left out a few REALLY obvious ones like \"diffusion\" and \"decay time.\"

    I\'ve always wondered what the difference is between \"Reflections Delay\" and \"Reverb Delay.\" If they\'re not the same, then there must be some element of \"reverb\" that occurs prior to \"early reflections.\"

    Either that, or Reverb Delay simply delays the occurance of ALL the reverb variables, late and early reflections, echo, etc.

    Room High Frequency Decay Ratio? What\'s that baby? The rate at which high frequency reflections dissipate?

    And finally, the obscure concepts of \"Echo depth\" and \"rate\" measured in HZ? Got me.

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    Re: Reverb variables explained?

    Problem is, there is no standard for a common setting, and many verbs use different names. Like this popular dx plug-in can add to the confusion list: Room size, decay time, high rolloff, high decay, density, predelay, motion rate and motion depth. Fun, huh!?

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    Re: Reverb variables explained?

    A great place to get REALLY knowledgable answers to technical questions like this is at the EQ magazine forums (now supported by Muscplayer.com) at http://www.musicplayer.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi

    Major studio personalities and top pros frequent the boards.

    Hope this helps.


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