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Topic: Silencing the PC

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    Post Silencing the PC

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if any of you use case fans and drive enclosures and if you have what type? Any details as to how much they actually help would be good too.


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    Re: Silencing the PC

    Greetings Steve,
    When I looked into this rout I decided first on making sure I got a large fan that spun slower and would be much quieter, and push more air out at the same time. I later came accross Antec Sonata. It's the whole case and it came with just what I was looking for. It is very well made and has all kinds of ventiliation and is just really a beuty . The whole system is whisper quiet. Solid purchase if you decide to go that direction.

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    Re: Silencing the PC

    Thanks for that Seth.
    I actually have 2 antec sonata's at the moment but have to start going the rackmount option - thus the question. The antec rackmount is ok, but a little noisy. I have identified some things that needed to be done, such as zalman PSU and HSF for the CPU (heh running at 23 deg celsius at the moment) but the case fans and HD's are slightly annoying. While it is winter here I can do without the case fans, but the hard drives, particularly the western digital is noticeable enough to be annoying.
    So at this stage I am ideally looking at knowledge on 80 and 120 mm fans as well as drive enclosures.


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    Re: Silencing the PC

    Very good site about the subject:


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