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Topic: Win2000 and GSt: "Unable to allocate the memory..."

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    Win2000 and GSt: \"Unable to allocate the memory...\"

    Who else has this problem:

    Since running GSt under Win 2000 I can load only as many instruments until the memory counter shows 43%. Then I get an error message.

    I can load much, much less instruments than I was able to load under Win98 though I have 256 megs of RAM.

    I tried various configurations of virtual memory.

    Any experiences ?

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    Re: Win2000 and GSt: \"Unable to allocate the memory...\"

    go to download.com and download cacheman. Under the optimizations tab in cacheman the should be an option to lock your i/o limit. set the very high according to the amount of ram you have in your comp. for instance I have 512mb of ram and I set it at 440mb. this should fix your problem.

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