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Topic: does 3.0 support ....

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    does 3.0 support ....

    symmetric multiprocessing( xeon) or HyperThreading ( p4)
    i am looking at some mobos for giga slaves.

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    Re: does 3.0 support ....

    No and no.

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    Re: does 3.0 support ....

    thanks... so much for xeons this time around

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    Re: does 3.0 support ....

    I would think that AMD Opterons would be your best bet for multi-proc support. M-Audio has already released a 64-bit beta driver to support the 64-bit optimized version of Windows that takes advantage of the Opteron's full facilities. Even if the apps don't support running on (or beside) a 64-bit OS right off the bat, the smart money is on the platform that's vectoring in that direction. Besides, word on the street is that dual Opteron boards *smoke* with the current version of Windows and DAW apps. I'd be interested to know if there have been any bechmarks with GS3 and a dual-proc Opteron setup.
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    Re: does 3.0 support ....

    This debate is so interesting ....
    Have a read, fellas ....


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