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Topic: Sonar slowing down system clock

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    Sonar slowing down system clock

    I\'m still trouble shooting this to find the culprit, but has anyone noticed Sonar slowing down their system clock? I have a moderate project open with midi only. It\'s not just the program itself running, or even just running with Gigastudio, but only under this particular project. If I let it sit for awhile or continue working it loses about 1 second out of every minute which can really mess you up when trying to compose for a pre-determined time. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Re: Sonar slowing down system clock

    My experience has been that Giga is generally the culprit in this case (grabbing time from Sonar). If tight timing is critical you may want to run Sonar from a separate PC. Also, check the \"sequencer priority\" settings in Giga and bump them up if you haven\'t already.

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    Re: Sonar slowing down system clock

    I have Sonar and Giga running on the same machine in Windows XP and have never had this problem. I believe your talking about the system clock that you see in the bottom right corner of the screen. I remember having this happen in some of my old computers when I\'d play games but haven\'t seen this problem in quite a few years now.

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    Re: Sonar slowing down system clock

    Does 8 = the highest priority or 1?

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