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Topic: Must read book !! 'Ecotopia'

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    Must read book !! 'Ecotopia'

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    I had to read this book in college for my political science class ... since, i've owned 3 copies, and gave them away to friends .... ordering a new copy, thought i'd post a bit here, incase no one has heard of this great read.


    Book Description
    "Ecotopia was founded when northern California, Oregon, and Washington seceded from the Union to create a "stable-state" ecosystem: the perfect balance between human beings and the environment. Now, twenty years later, the isolated, mysterious Ecotopia welcomes its first officially sanctioned American visitor: New York Times-Post reporter Will Weston.

    Like a modern Gulliver, the skeptical Weston is by turns impressed, horrified, and overwhelmed by Ecotopia's strange practices: employee ownership of farms and businesses, the twenty-hour work week, the fanatical elimination of pollution, "mini-cities" that defeat overcrowding, devotion to trees bordering on worship, a woman-dominated government, and bloody, ritual war games. Bombarded by innovative, unsettling ideas, set afire by a relationship with a sexually forthright Ecotopian woman, Weston's conflict of values intensifies-and leads to a startling climax.

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    Re: Must read book !! 'Ecotopia'

    READ THIS BOOK (instead of this silly forum) you left-wing tree-huggers

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