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Topic: GStudio 96 MIDI Problems - Ideas?

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    GStudio 96 MIDI Problems - Ideas?

    I recently got a new machine and am having all sorts of trouble getting GStudio 96 up and running on it. Here\'s the specs on the machine...

    Pentium 4 2GHz, Intel mobo (it\'s a Dell system), 1GB of RAM, 80GB 7200 RPM system drive and 120GB 7200 RPM audio drive.

    I\'m using an Emagic Unitor8 interface, with their most recent drivers. The audio card is an Echo Gina 20, also using their most recent Win2K/WinXP compatible dribers. All other apps (Sonar, Sound Forge 5, Acid 3 Pro, and SoundDiver 3) are handing MIDI/audio without problems.

    I\'ve updated GStudio to the new 2.51 patch, but can\'t seem to get it to receive MIDI. When it starts up, the 4 ports are all gray/disabled and the keyboard has a white background. When I double-click the keyboard, the background of it flashes between red and white (maybe one second each), seemingly turning on/off the MIDI loop.

    In the Settings page, I\'ve got the Unitor8\'s Input 1 mapped to GStudio Port 1 and nothing mapped to GStudio Port 2. The Audio section sees the Gina without any problems. The diagnostics test tells me that everything looks kosher.

    But try as I might, I can\'t seem to get it to accept any incoming MIDI. I\'ve tried emailing custser@tascam.com, but have yet to get a response. I\'ve called and the nice lady answering the phone tells me that all the support people are out (on three different occasions). And the forum at nemesysmusic.com doesn\'t want to let me log in (tells me I\'ve logged in, but doesn\'t let me post).

    I would *really* appreciate any help you folks could provide. It\'s been a few weeks without my Giga install and it\'s starting to hurt.


    -- jeff

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    Re: GStudio 96 MIDI Problems - Ideas?

    FYI... got it working this afternoon. I un-installed and wiped all traces of Giga, the Gina, and the Unitor8.

    Then reinstalled the Unitor8, Gina, and Giga (in that order), patching Giga to 2.51 before going through the registration wizard.

    Once I did that, it fired right up without a problem and I\'m happily up and running again.

    I *really* wish I knew what the problem was and I\'m still very disappointed by the complete lack of help by Tascam/Nemesys on this, but at least it\'s up again...

    -- jeff

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    Re: GStudio 96 MIDI Problems - Ideas?

    Wow Jeff, that\'s an absurdly high-end system.. had too much cash

    If you use Logic Audio Platinum, use 1 of the virtual (visible) nemesys ports (1 to 4) also first fire up GS then inside GS start yer sequencer. My advice to everyone wich uses GS use Logic Audio! it\'s works best with GS. (especially with gigawire drivers)

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    Re: GStudio 96 MIDI Problems - Ideas?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by pendragon:
    Wow Jeff, that\'s an absurdly high-end system.. had too much cash <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    It is high-end... but I use it for a lot of different things and I also work as a software developer (day job). When I\'m working on music, I have only music apps open, but when I\'m developing, I\'ve often got lots of editors, command windows, and debugger windows open as well. I\'d rather shoot high and not have to worry about being low on resources for a while.

    Also, I bought it via Dell\'s outlet, so it wasn\'t as expensive as you might think.

    I\'ve been a Cakewalk/Sonar user since the DOS days, so it\'s hard for me to look at switching. Until there\'s some compelling feature offered by one of the others that Sonar doesn\'t have, I\'m likely to stick with what works. If I were to switch, however, it WOULD be to Logic Audio... I\'ve been very happy with SoundDiver and the new Unitor8 MkII.


    -- jeff

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