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Topic: Using Sequencer and GIGA - How?

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    Using Sequencer and GIGA - How?

    I\'ve been using Gigastudio strictly as an instrument, controlled by my Kuzrweil 2500. Now I want to be able to record and play back giga performances from SONAR, which is installed on the same machine. (using Audiophile 24/96 sound card)

    I can\'t figure out how you would set this up. Can someone walk me through the setup?

    If this is not possible I guess I could run Sonar on another machine. However it is still not clear to me how I could record and play back Giga performances. Do I need a Midi splitter? (one midi out from keyboard goes to Sequencer while another one midi out goes to Giga???). This seems like a lot of fuss.

    I\'m grateful to hear how others are sequencing Gigastudio. Please give details.

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    Re: Using Sequencer and GIGA - How?

    I think I\'ve figured it out. I set my midi out port in Sonar to Nemesys:Port1. That seems to trigger Gigag from Sonar.

    Now I find myself desperately short of midi ports. Can anyone heartily recommend a multi port midi device?

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    Re: Using Sequencer and GIGA - How?

    I can comment on what I\'m using for more Midi ports:

    I have the Midisport 4X4 USB Midi controller. The box plugs in to (and receives power from) the USB port on the computer, and produces 4 in and 4 out Midi ports.

    I\'ve been really pleased with this unit, and have not had any problems with it.

    There are MANY other products out there that can provide you more MIDI ports, though, and I can\'t really comment on them.

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    Re: Using Sequencer and GIGA - How?


    I use the midiman 2x2 for midi control of external modules.... i also use giga 160 with sonar. Its really very good...if you want a good midi box i would suggest any of the midiman products. Very good.

    As you have found, there are four midi devices in sonar for gigastudio they work fine for all your sonar/giga work. but using the 2x2 along side these \"virtual ports\" causes no problems at all.

    Incidentaly the system is as follows..

    Duron 1000mhz
    512 Cas2 Ram
    41Gig IBM HDD
    SW1000XG Audio Card. (Primary audio)
    Sblive (Secondry)


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    Re: Using Sequencer and GIGA - How?


    You should be able to pick the other MIDI ports as you did to pick the first Nemesys port. You should have 4 ports to choose from in GigaStudio 160. If not all the ports are showing, you will need to go into the MIDI selection under Tools or Options (can\'t remember which - I\'m at work). You should see the 4 ports there under the Out section on the right of the window. Make sure all 4 are highlighted. Click the Okay button. You should then have all 4 ports to choose from.

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