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Topic: One Liberal's view of Kerry

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    One Liberal's view of Kerry

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    From Sam Smith's Progressive Review:

    "THINGS TO REMEMBER WHILE WATCHING KERRY TONIGHT: Kerry is your classic Washington Ivy League preppy hustler who gets ahead by substituting gravitas for achievement and, in Russell Baker's phrase, letting solemnity serve for seriousness. He has done little in the Senate, produced few bills of significance, and even missed most of his intelligence committee hearings. He is arrogant, narcissistic, and so self-serving that he even filmed reenactments of his Vietnam exploits for future use. He is wrong on Iraq, healthcare, education, the Middle East, and the Patriot Act and when he is right he doesn't say it very well. On the other hand, like 98% of the American voting age population, he is better in many ways than George W. Bush but the only such person with the backing of a major party."

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    Re: One Liberal's view of Kerry

    Bush cannot defend anything he has done. The only solution is to attack Kerry (fairly or not).
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    Re: One Liberal's view of Kerry

    Quote Originally Posted by wes37
    From Sam Smith's Progressive Review:
    This isn't saying much. Sam Smith doesn't like ANYBODY.

    Try this on for size: http://www.republicansforkerry.org/

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