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Topic: Sample Rate... Frustrated!!!

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    Sample Rate... Frustrated!!!

    I am severely frustrated with Gigastudio 96.

    Can anyone tell me why I only see a blank space in my sample rate box?

    I am getting constant crackling noises.

    I have not registered, could this be why?

    I tried but they won\'t let me cause I have reformatted my drive to many times (since I have had so many problems)and they must think I am pirating the stuff.

    I sent an email to have them call me but I new that wouldn\'t work.

    Kill Me, please help.

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    Re: Sample Rate... Frustrated!!!

    Registration has nothing to do with the problems you\'re having. It sounds like Giga isn\'t happy with your sound card and/or its drivers. The sample rate and bit depth options are determined by what your sound card supports. If you don\'t see the options there is obviously a conflict somewhere. Sorry I can\'t be more helpful than that. - Doug

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